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Goodbye RedDotCMSBlog, it’s been great! This blog is shutting down.

This blog is shutting down


  • Found this on the Google Groups and thought it’s too awesome to not share it with you. Yo dawg I heard you like pages, so I put a page in yo page in yo page so you can publish while you publish…
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  • RedDot CMS consultant work can often be done remotely and doesn't necessarily require onsite work during a project cycle. A project can be set up and tested locally and then being imported to your UAT environment. Why not adding your RFP here or add your profile as RedDot CMS expert
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  • With the right RedDot CMS Partner or the right RedDot integration Team for your implementation this video is pretty close to what could happen to you when you migrate your CMS project with RedDot CMS.
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  • Although the CMS already includes a function to transfer the filenames of a language variant to all languages, this plugin – quite similar to the "Transfer RedDot Descriptions" plugin released yesterday – takes you a step further: All filenames are exported to an XML file which then can be translated to any other language before importing them back into the CMS.
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  • Hey folks, Christmas time has come for this year and everyone’s busy making new shiny CMS project for Santa their customers. As this is the time for giving, I wrote two brand new plugins for you and updated two of my…
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Welcome to Unofficial RedDot CMS blog

RedDot CMS Open Text Web Solutions Management Server and RedDot LiveServer Open Text Web Solutions Delivery Server consultants and developers joined forces to bring you tips and tricks to improve your RedDot Open Text Web Solutions Suite experiences.
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