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No dots for me anymore. Thanks.

For about two years I thought/blogged about former RedDot (now Open Text) products, provided plug-ins and spent many days with lots of swearing. Finally I made my decision to back out of the RedDot scene, thus I’m also leaving the RedDot CMS blog.

Plugin: Transfer Filenames

Although the CMS already includes a function to transfer the filenames of a language variant to all languages, this plugin – quite similar to the “Transfer RedDot Descriptions” plugin released yesterday – takes you a step further: All filenames are exported to an XML file which then can be translated to any other language before importing them back into the CMS.

December’s plugin roundup

Hey folks, Christmas time has come for this year and everyone’s busy making new shiny CMS project for Santa their customers. As this is the time for giving, I wrote two brand new plugins for you and updated two of my…

Plugin: Transfer RedDot Descriptions

You might know the problem: You carefully edited all RedDot description texts (showing up as tooltips) in all of your templates but your client uses a different interface language for his CMS user … are all these hours of entering texts totally wasted? Fear not, my fellow CMS developer, with this plugin you can easily transfer RedDot descriptions into another language variant, either directly or translating them first.

Editing draft pages by other users in SmartEdit

Your colleague is on holiday and forgot to release a press release you urgently need? You have to work on a text with multiple authors which shouldn’t get released or published by accident? Here is a simple trick to make it possible!

New Web Solution RSS digest has landed

We have a new RSS digest, you can find it right below the search box at the top of each page: The latest news of other sites on the web dealing with Open Text Web Solutions!

20th RedDot Usergroup conference in Düsseldorf

Yet again, the user group conference in Düsseldorf was quite a success with lots of interesting lectures: A 10 year old Intranet project in RedDot (up and running!), Product Information Management systems, news about Open Text support, Digital Asset Management with Artesia and a peek on the new Open Text Web Solution Management Server release 10.

Plugin: Reference Image

ReferenceImage is a small helper to reference one image instance to another one, which makes it ideal for image galleries: Editors have only to take care of the large image, the thumbnail (custom size) is created automatically.

Plugin: Add multiple instances

Stefan Buchali of SF eBusiness released a nice new plugin. “addMultipleInstances” is a user interface enhancement for RedDot CMS allowing to create and connect multiple instances of a content class at the same time. It’s ideal for creating slideshows, press releases…

Some stats (April 2009) …

Some stats for April: We now have 130+ people, reading our RSS-Feed on a regualar basis and already 30 people following us on twitter within a week. This is good news! Please keep spreading the word. Comment our articles. Contribute. Share. Enjoy.

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