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RedDot & 301 Redirects: How to manage 301’s within your RedDot CMS projects

The use of 301 Redirects within your RedDot CMS projects will help you to maintain current search rankings for an existing site, particularly if the site structure has gone under the knife!

RedDot and Usability: How to make your RedDot CMS projects easier to use for authors

CMS projects that are simple and easy to use not only reduce the amount of time required for content changes, they will also minimize possibilities of content entry mistakes and/or inconsistencies across site pages.

How to incorporate SEO best practises within RedDot CMS projects

Implementing SEO best practises within your CMS projects will help your site to gain exposure by enabling search engine web crawlers to effectively explore and index site pages. Unfortunately there isn’t any fancy plugins or in-built functionality within RedDot that will automatically optimise your site. But don’t worry, making your site ‘SEO Friendly’ is relatively straight forward and easy to do!

RedDot CMS Navigation Manager Basics

Navigation Manager is a powerful tool that will not only simplify the structure of your projects, but it will also save you an incredible amount of time building the various navigational items that your site requires.
The following is a step-by-step guide which will provide you with the basics on how to incorporate the Navigation Manager into your CMS projects.

RedDot CMS Plugin: Delete Unlinked Pages

Deleting mulltiple pages from a project can be very time consuming – and I tend to do it quite often! This plugin should save you a lot of time deleting pages (especially if the site has hundreds or even thousands of unwanted pages).

RedDot CMS Plugin: Connect to Multiple Elements in Clipboard

It’s plugin time again folks!
This little script enables you to copy/connect multiple elements from one content class to another. It should save developers out there a considerable amount of time when you need to make changes to multiple templates within an existing project, or when you need to copy the elements from one template to another for use within a list.

Date decoding/encoding

The RQL manual provides information on how to decode dates from a date string into a floating point number, but there is no mention on how to actually encode dates. Heres how to do both..

Workflow Email Bug – Workaround

RedDot sends out a notification email before actually checking the first release step for any exceptions. This was causing a great deal of confusion for editors as they were being prompted to release pages that didn’t need to be released! Since it can take ages for any of these bugs to be fixed for future RedDot software releases (i’ve waited up to 2 years to get bugs fixed), I came up with the following workaround to fix this problem: The ‘Faux Release’ Step!

Character Encoding within Navigation Manager

This week I deployed my first project using V9 of Open Text Web Solutions’ Management Server (aka RedDot CMS) – and since it comes with the new XHTML compliant Text Editor (Telerik) – I decided it was time to do…

Plugin: “Checkbox Assign Keywords”

Being my first post on this site, it’s only polite that I first introduce myself and let you know who I am and what I’m about!

My name is Kim Dezen and I currently head up RedDot CMS/LiveServer development at Areeba. Areeba is…

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