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Merge variables available in the workflow’s Email task

A question was recently raised on the Google Group:

“For auditing purposes, we’d like to keep track of which user released a page.
  Is there a ‘IoPageInfo_’ variable or another way to capture the user id of the user that released…

Project Database Schema

Been a while but I just ran across some helpful information in the CMS Documentation of all places, and I thought that before it is lost forever it is worth posting here for posterity.
Kudos to this thread on Google Groups.

telerik RadEditor Snippets

Often we need to provide authors with pre-fabricated components to use in the editor as there are many things that can’t be easily achieved by non-HTML fluent authors, or are simply too complicated for them to get right consistently. This is where snippets come in handy.

ASPX PostBacks in CMS

ASPX postbacks don’t work inside the CMS in either SmartEdit or Preview Mode, AND worse, including a ScriptManager control in your page breaks CMS 10’s UI.

Getting a Page Preview from outside the CMS

This blog post is inspired by “Shawn”.  Hope this helps.

Some background first I think.  There are 2 ways to log in to CMS – normal and integrated.  An integrated login means that your Windows user account is passed silently by…

Management Server & Visual Studio : The Reprise

Since I last posted on this blog regarding Visual Studio integration for Management Server work has steadily progressed on the product.  Shout outs to all those people who have submitted suggestions for functionality and licensing – most of your suggestions…

Accessing the Windows Integrated login system from RQL

Configuring SSO to work from a stand-alone RQL application, i.e. not a CMS embedded plug-in.

Management Server and Visual Studio Integration

A short while ago a post was made to the Google group regarding Visual Studio Integration – you can read it here – to which I responded as follows:

The only way to manage your templates and elements is using the
designer in…

Performance Tuning Parameters for Navigation Manager

In CMS 7.5 Service Pack 2 a number of new cache tuning parameters were introduced into the Navigation Manager services.  These are primarily controlled by settings in a few of the configuration files.  I am going to talk briefly about…

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