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Stefan Buchali

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How to get a tidy website

Whenever a page or an entire website is published, there is the problem of producing valid XHTML code. In this article you will find out the reasons and the possibilities RedDot offers to bring valid code into the web.

Export RedDot CMS content to Excel

How to get a quick overview of all pages of a content class (and their content elements) by exporting the instances, gathering them into one file and importing this with Excel.

Plugin: Show template usage in child projects

A SmartTree enhancement for RedDot CMS allowing to check the assignment of every template of a content class within all connected projects.

Using Excel as a database source

Why not let editors who don’t work often with RedDot but daily with Excel edit their data in the environment they are used to – and let RedDot do the work? All you need is half an hour of preparation.

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