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Clear OpenText Web Site Management CMS Cache

Sometimes it is necessary to clear the CMS caches.
This can be done via the OpenText WSM interface or manually, folder by folder..
So here’s a quick list of folders describing their purpose:

  • Page Cache
    The PageCache is generating pages for the CMS while you work in the authoring interface. So that you don’t have to load everything out of the DB everythime a page is called. This can be cleared manually when logged into the server or via CMS interface (Administer Project Structure > Project > Clear Page Cache)
  • Image Cache
    The ImageCache is taking care of images which have been resized on the server and are displayed to you in the browser so that the CMS doesn’t have to use imagemagick to resize images every time you load a page.
  • XML Cache
    The Xml Cache is on the fly generated config files for user settings, language variants and other “stuff”… It’s usually one of my first suspects when I think I need to clear some caches and it can be done via the Server Manager as well (Administer Application Server > Application Servers > SERVER NAME > Clear Language Resource Cache)
  • RedDotTemp
    This one takes care of the publishing process. All files to be published will be created in the RedDotTemp folder first, then compared to what’s on the server and then the changes will be send through via FTP (publishing to a local directory will always publish everything). Don’t just delete everything in here, the LIVESERVER folders shouldn’t be touched.

How to trick OpenText WSM into a clean full site publish

If you think the publishing process doesn’t take over all files, I suggest changing the publishing target by adding a slash (or removing it) to the target folder path. The files will still end up in the right location but the CMS will take this as a new FTP target and initiate a full site publish with a clean cache.

Disclaimer and why you shouldn’t do this in a production environment

In general I recommend to not clear caches manually unless you’re on a development environment. Doing this on a production environment will have an impact on performance and should only be executed via the CMS interface in order to prevent the deletion of folders used by the CMS.

Update 2012-02-15, I just uploaded the VB script by Alok Varma for you to download, simply rename to .vbs and it’s good to go. Here’s the file: ClearCache VB Script
Please Note: Rename the ClearCache.txt to ClearCache.vbs. We can run the vbs file from “Command Prompt” or “Microsoft (r) Console Based Script Host”. Please change the file path in script to reflect your CMS settings.

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About the author:

Markus Giesen Markus Giesen is a Solutions Architect and RedDot CMS Consultant, formerly based in Germany. Travelling around the world to find and offer solutions for a better world (in a very web based meaning). He just found a way to do this as part of a Melbourne based online consultant house. On this blog Markus shares his personal (not his employers) thoughts and opinions on CMS and web development. In his spare time you will find him reading, snowboarding or travelling. Also, you should follow him on Twitter!


5 comments for “Clear OpenText Web Site Management CMS Cache”

  1. There really needs to be an option in SmartTree to clear the image cache on a per-project basis (just like page cache) or a “clear all project cache” type of button. I can’t count the number of times a JavaScript file or something else gets cached on us and I don’t have direct file system access to our servers. It is eternally frustrating for me.

    Posted by Joel Kinzel | February 3, 2012, 7:14 pm
  2. I have created a simple VB Script file which clears all the Cache, RedDotTemp folder & Log files without going through the Action menu to do so. But use it only in certain case only.

    VB Scrit code
    DeleteFilesFolder(”C:\Program Files\Open Text\WS\MS\ASP\RedDotTemp”)
    DeleteFilesFolder(”C:\Program Files\Open Text\WS\MS\ASP\XmlCache”)
    DeleteFilesFolder(”C:\Program Files\Open Text\WS\MS\ASP\PlugInCache”)
    DeleteFilesFolder(”C:\Program Files\Open Text\WS\MS\ASP\PageCache”)
    DeleteFilesFolder(”C:\Program Files\Open Text\WS\MS\ASP\LOG”)

    Sub DeleteFilesFolder(strpath)
    Dim fs, fo, files, folders, file, folder

    Set fs = CreateObject(”scripting.filesystemobject”)
    if fs.FolderExists(strpath) then
    Set fo = fs.GetFolder(strpath)
    Set files = fo.Files
    Set folders = fo.SubFolders

    For Each file In files
    file.Attributes = 0
    file.Delete vbTrue

    For Each folder In folders
    folder.Delete vbTrue
    end if

    End Sub

    Posted by Alok Varma | February 15, 2012, 8:22 am
  3. That script also tries to zap those RedDotTemp\LIVESERVER folders. Is that OK?

    Posted by Jeremy Cook | February 16, 2012, 7:30 am
  4. Yikes, that’s true!

    Posted by Markus Giesen | February 16, 2012, 7:40 am
  5. Hello, would you please help me with following:

    I am currently facing issue with RedDotTemp folder that is too large.
    This issue is on Production.

    Data that are stored inside and not used by live server are useless?

    If I delete them this have no impact at all? Or is better to have them stored if possible to speed up publishing process.

    Folder have over 100 GB and I had to delete some date anyway. So I suppose that files with older timestamps can be manually deleted. Is it true?

    thank you in advance

    Posted by Michal Rasik | April 3, 2012, 4:29 pm

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