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Post of the month

Post of the month – Poll is ready for you

Thank you for all your suggestions and ideas, here’s the poll form.
The winning post topic will be published within in the next year ;)
I’ve shortened the post topics, you will find the complete suggestion below.

The poll

Poll: Post of the month - What's next?
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The suggestions detailed

  • RedDot Navigation Manager I: How to make list order match nav renderingplease post about how to make list order match nav rendering!! Thanks : )
    Suggested by: Tiffany
  • RDNM II: How do you build navigations with several navigations
    how do you build navigations with several navigations: meta navi, footer navi, main navi
    so that all pages also can be shown in a sitemap.
    Suggested by: Martin D.
  • RDNM III: Highlighting of main navigation and adding new pages by the user
    highlighting of main navigation and adding new pages by the user for example in a content-linklis-template without showing these pages in the main navigation
    Suggested by: Martin D.
  • Best Practice I: How to accomplish a staging/production publishing workflow setup
    I would love to know the best method to accomplish a staging/production publishing workflow setup. We have such inconsistent results when publishing we’d like to know all the ins and outs…how to set it up, how does the asynchronous publishing process work, what are the limitations, what does it do and what does it not do, etc.
    Suggested by: Jim N.
  • BP II: Setting up forms on a site using RedDot
    I would like to learn/know/read about the solutions for setting up forms on a site using RedDot. It would be good to know the good and bad of the solutions available from more experienced users and perhaps a recommendation on the best.
    Suggested by: Mary Jo S.
  • BP III: How you use Foundational and child projects
    I would love to know more about how you use Foundational and child projects. We have experienced lots of pain trying to have a separate “staging” project and then needing to make manual updated to migrate changes from the staging to live project. Can you tell me a little more about how you use this concept? Are there any drawbacks? If this info is already somewhere, can you point me to it? Thanks!! Ashley
    Suggested by: Ashley D.
  • Basics: How to get started with RedDot
    Hi Markus,
    I think this post is great idea.
    My suggestion for a topic is “how to get started with RedDot”. Being still new to RedDot (user for about 2-3 months), I found that it was hard to get started.
    Suggested by: Jamie B.
  • LiveServer: Masking/rewriting URLs in Liveserver to hide the LS specific paths
    Masking/rewriting URLs in Liveserver to hide the Liveserver specific paths
    Suggested by: Requested by Chandrakanth on the Google group, suggested by Paul Smith
  • Enhance your project: Using AJAX inside SmartEdit for better editing
    I would like to learn how to use AJAX inside SmartEdit for calling RQL.
    Suggested by: Markus G. ; )

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Poll deadline

The poll deadline will be something at the end of january or to be more specific maybe beginning of february. Depending on your participation and our “normal work” stress level..

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About the author:

Markus Giesen Markus Giesen is a Solutions Architect and RedDot CMS Consultant, formerly based in Germany. Travelling around the world to find and offer solutions for a better world (in a very web based meaning). He just found a way to do this as part of a Melbourne based online consultant house. On this blog Markus shares his personal (not his employers) thoughts and opinions on CMS and web development. In his spare time you will find him reading, snowboarding or travelling. Also, you should follow him on Twitter!


7 comments for “Post of the month – Poll is ready for you”

  1. One year? Surely combined we should be able to do it in a month, two at most :) More importantly – what is the poll deadline?

    Posted by Adrian | December 31, 2008, 10:19 am
  2. Hey Markus,
    This poll is a great idea! I voted for the staging/publishing strategy which is especially challenging with Liveserver and workflows in the mix.
    Happy New Year.

    Posted by Amanda Shiga | December 31, 2008, 8:05 pm
  3. Right Adrian, I meant within a year could be sooner or later than the end of 2009!
    But you are right and I added the exact poll deadline above! ;-)

    Posted by Markus Giesen | January 2, 2009, 1:12 am
  4. Keep up the good work Markus :)

    Posted by RustyLogic | January 27, 2009, 11:18 am
  5. I’ll do my very best :)
    But it’s no longer my own duty, even if it looks like we haven’t finished hibernation yet, hopefully we will soon publish some new postings.

    Posted by Markus Giesen | January 27, 2009, 11:23 am
  6. A more in-depth look into the many uses of render tags would be great.

    We know how to use render tags to read the content of a page in a container within the current page but how how going one level further?

    For example: How can a list draw up element values from a page contained within a container of a child page using render tags?

    Posted by Phil McKenzie | January 28, 2009, 1:11 pm
  7. I vote for the first one and the last one.

    Posted by JP | February 23, 2009, 10:36 pm

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