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RedDot UI: DragSort

Sorting of Lists and Containers in RedDot can be very time consuming and is not handled very user-friendly, especially with lots of elements. This UI Extension allows easy and intuitive drag&drop-sorting in SmartEdit.

Two different methods are provided with this extension:

  1. Direct Sort: This method was introduced in the initial release. It behaves just like the Direct Edit feature in RedDot: Click the sort red dot once to activate sorting, click the save red dot to save sort order.
  2. OnLoad: This new sorting method is activated on page load, the sort order is saved directly at rearrangement of elements. Keep in mind, that this feature requires more RQL calls and is not recommended for slow servers with lots of concurrent SmartEdit users.

Two demo templates are included in the /demo sub-folder. Create a new content class in your RedDot CMS project and choose “Create template from file” to import the template.


Latest version can be downloaded/forked at GitHub

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About the author:

Frederic Hemberger Frederic Hemberger lives in Cologne, Germany where he works as a technical consultant and senior RedDot developer. After years of studying the ancient and mysterious ways of content management, he acquired the black belt of RedDot-fu. After teaching many students in the weird ways of the Dot, he retreated to the old misty mountains to meditate. Legends tell that he finally reached the mysterious state of IoRangeNoRedDotMode.


2 comments for “RedDot UI: DragSort”

  1. Hi,

    This is a great plugin, but we’ve recently upgraded from using the 1.2.6 jQuery library to use 1.3.2, which has broken the plugin. Not being a jQuery expert, I don’t know how to solve this.


    Posted by John O | May 5, 2009, 2:24 pm
  2. Hi John,

    sorry to hear about that. It’s definetely not a bug in the plug-in itself, I already had this issue with upgrading from jQuery 1.2.6 to 1.3.x with other scripts, too. There are two options for this issue:

    • Either stick to version 1.2.6
    • Update to jQuery 1.3.x and jQuery UI 1.7.x

    This should do the trick.

    Posted by Frederic Hemberger | May 12, 2009, 8:30 pm

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