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Restarting CMS services without rebooting

As a quick tip in addition to Richard’s comment on “To kill a publication“, there is an easy way to stop/restart all CMS processes without rebooting your server:

@echo off
echo y | net stop RdIiceService
echo y | net stop RDCMSStarterService
echo y | net stop DataService
echo y | net stop ObjectService
echo y | net stop RDInteropService2
echo All CMS services stopped. Please check your server's running processes.
echo y | net start RdIiceService
echo y | net start RDCMSStarterService
echo y | net start DataService
echo y | net start ObjectService
echo y | net start RDInteropService2

Save this file as restart_reddot.cmd. Once you stopped the processes, you should check your running processes if all of them where shut down correctly before restarting them.

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About the author:

Frederic Hemberger Frederic Hemberger lives in Cologne, Germany where he works as a technical consultant and senior RedDot developer. After years of studying the ancient and mysterious ways of content management, he acquired the black belt of RedDot-fu. After teaching many students in the weird ways of the Dot, he retreated to the old misty mountains to meditate. Legends tell that he finally reached the mysterious state of IoRangeNoRedDotMode.


2 comments for “Restarting CMS services without rebooting”

  1. I think the DataService should be stopped before the ObjectService. There is a dependencie returning a message which says so.
    And I am not sure, if it’s necessary to stop or start the RDCMSStarterService, because I think (guess) the purpose of this is to start the others and then stop.
    Anyway, I like the idea and I’m already playing around with it.

    Posted by Markus Giesen | March 19, 2009, 9:14 am
  2. What version does this require? I just tried it on a CMS Version 6.5 Build without any luck :( Same goes for Part II

    Posted by Adrian Mateljan | June 19, 2009, 12:52 pm

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