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How to manage Quotes, Placeholders and Pre-Execute using VBScript within RedDot CMS

A frequent task in RedDot Open Text CMS template construction is to assign the value of a placeholder to a string so you can perform some kind of logic on it. Usually VBScript breaks whenever a quote is found within a RedDot placeholder. Here is a way to avoid this for standard fields.

Creating a Youtube video template for RedDot CMS

Would you like to give your editors the opportunity to add Youtube videos to your RedDot CMS project? Kim Dezen has now provided a nice template solution to do that.

Debugging PreExecute ASP – Reloaded

Debugging ASP in Open Text Websolutions is tricky if you don’t know how to trick it. Gavin Cope already has created a nice solution for this now this has been again slightly improved.

Duplicate content publishing – SEO and Open Text Web Solutions

Avoid duplicate content by publishing content twice and trick the PageBuilder by pretending to have referenced pages instead of linked ones.

Debugging Pre-Executed (classic) ASP

Surely, there must be some way of getting those errors out of the system and back to the developer? Yes, there is!

RedDot CMS Plugin: Connect to Multiple Elements in Clipboard

It’s plugin time again folks!
This little script enables you to copy/connect multiple elements from one content class to another. It should save developers out there a considerable amount of time when you need to make changes to multiple templates within an existing project, or when you need to copy the elements from one template to another for use within a list.

Plugin: Reference Image

ReferenceImage is a small helper to reference one image instance to another one, which makes it ideal for image galleries: Editors have only to take care of the large image, the thumbnail (custom size) is created automatically.

Running ASP in Liveserver

There have been a number of requests on the Reddot google group recently about running ASP pages inside Liveserver. The only responses that I’ve seen are along the lines of “it’s not possible, you’ll need to publish the pages out…

Debugging inline template scripts inside the RedDot CMS server

Good morning folks. Just a short article on how to get(debug) errors if you are using PreExecutes inside your CMS template (which you have to do to get the HTML result as a published page)

The problem with getting the error


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