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How to integrate ASP.NET into RedDot CMS projects – Best practice on .NET template embedding

Is it easy to integrate .NET into your RedDot CMS project? Yes it is, if you know how and obey some simple rules. This article gives you a best practice on how to include any .NET functionality for your published website within your RedDot CMS templates.

ASPX PostBacks in CMS

ASPX postbacks don’t work inside the CMS in either SmartEdit or Preview Mode, AND worse, including a ScriptManager control in your page breaks CMS 10’s UI.

Debugging inline template scripts inside the RedDot CMS server

Good morning folks. Just a short article on how to get(debug) errors if you are using PreExecutes inside your CMS template (which you have to do to get the HTML result as a published page)

The problem with getting the error


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