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OpenText enhancements with the rdQuery Framework – Finally RedDot CMS with less clicks!

I have been enhancing RedDot projects using custom scripts for over 8 years now.
A lot of RedDot CMS developers have a great understanding of Javascript and CSS.
So here’s my nifty little gift for you.


Fork the entire plugin including demo…

How to convert OpenText CMS date values

There are several ways of converting a RedDot CMS date into a readable format.
Kim has previously posted solutions for VB here. So here is another collection of solutions, based on comments in several programming languages like RQL, VB.NET, Javascript, PHP and…

5 Template Tips – How to use HTML and CSS within RedDot CMS – Best practice for RedDot Consultants

This article covers the key factors for successful CSS and HTML integration into your Open Text Content Management Server project. This best practice article outlines the major points to pay attention to when implementing your HTML into the CMS.

ASPX PostBacks in CMS

ASPX postbacks don’t work inside the CMS in either SmartEdit or Preview Mode, AND worse, including a ScriptManager control in your page breaks CMS 10’s UI.

Plugin: Reference Image

ReferenceImage is a small helper to reference one image instance to another one, which makes it ideal for image galleries: Editors have only to take care of the large image, the thumbnail (custom size) is created automatically.

Telerik RadEditor quirks

The v9 release of RedDot CMS OpenText Web Solutions Management Server has a killer feature: a new text editor based on Telerik RadEditor.Net. And for the most part it rocks. Our authors and editors love it. But there have been a few quirks. Here are the problems we have encountered, and the workarounds.

Using inline Javascript inside RedDot CMS but external files on the webserver

In another post about embedding Javascript inside the RedDot CMS Adrian showed a good way to fool the CMS and enable JS inside your template.

Now maybe you want to use your Javascript code from a template and you don’t want it…

SmartEdit and Javascript

If you have Javascript in your website, and have implemented your Javascript files as templates in RedDot CMS (version 7.5), linked in to your HTML page via an anchor placeholder, you will most likely have come across this issue –…

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