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RedDot CMS Navigation Manager Basics

Navigation Manager is a powerful tool that will not only simplify the structure of your projects, but it will also save you an incredible amount of time building the various navigational items that your site requires.
The following is a step-by-step guide which will provide you with the basics on how to incorporate the Navigation Manager into your CMS projects.

Performance Tuning Parameters for Navigation Manager

In CMS 7.5 Service Pack 2 a number of new cache tuning parameters were introduced into the Navigation Manager services.  These are primarily controlled by settings in a few of the configuration files.  I am going to talk briefly about…

Skipping levels in the navigation

There are times when you may want/need to skip levels of your navigation. This covers the basics and how to avoid the pitfalls

Growing your navigation beyond the basic tree

Not every site sticks to the basic tree structure offered by Navigation Manager. Sometimes you need to include external sites into the navigation structure, or even *ShockHorror!* make a page appear in more than one location. Current Navigation Manager doesn’t do external URLs and it certainly doesn’t like a page being in a site twice.

Thankfully render tags will allow you to work around these limitations in a fairly simple manner. What we are going to show you is how to is effectively turn some of our pages into redirectors for Navigation Manager.

Digging deeper with Navigation Manager Render Tags – A Beginner’s Guide

This whitepaper has been submitted by Phil McKenzie, a RedDot freelancer who encountered a very common but not so easy to solve problem – building microsites within only one RedDot project but keeping the layout and additional functions flexible.

Character Encoding within Navigation Manager

This week I deployed my first project using V9 of Open Text Web Solutions’ Management Server (aka RedDot CMS) – and since it comes with the new XHTML compliant Text Editor (Telerik) – I decided it was time to do…

Quick Tip: Workaround for render tag “Context:CurrentDepth”

In the current versions, the render tag “Context:CurrentDepth” is not working properly, in some versions it isn’t even recognized as a render tag in the templates. Today I found a nice workaround for it.

Using render tags to translate a site easily

In order to make up for not reading Markus’ post properly earlier, here’s a little idea courtesy of the UK Reddot day.

At some point in your illustrious career you’re probably going to have to create a project that has language…

Playing Peek-a-Boo: Hiding pages with the Navigation Manager

There might be several reasons for hiding pages in the navigation structure, but they have to be connected to the navigation list, to show the website’s navigation correctly:

  • „Footer pages“ like „Imprint“ or „Terms of use“
  • Pages for login, error handling (e.g.…

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