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Solution Exchange – Open Text RedDot CMS is back with a social community exchange platform

Over the last few months I was part of a secret Open Text CMS Community mission. This is the outcome based on the works of Danny Baggs and many others.

Element naming conventions for RedDot CMS

This article covers basic rules on how to name elements when creating RedDot CMS templates. By using a common set of element names you will save time and avoid making templating mistakes when working within a collaborative team of RedDot developers.

Why the acquisition by Open Text was bad for RedDot CMS

The double acquisition of former RedDot Solutions didn’t do any good to the product and their customers. Great ideas and innovations were put on hold because the buyer had to restructure and reorganize. How can everyone benefit from Open Text’s externally focused growth strategy?

Is The RedDot CMS Dead? No it’s not – But what’s next Open Text?

This topic has been mentioned by John Shackleton, CEO of Open Text earlier this August where he said that Open Text “would migrate the RedDot to the Vignette platform.” Is that just a uncertain rumour? Or is there more?

New Web Solution RSS digest has landed

We have a new RSS digest, you can find it right below the search box at the top of each page: The latest news of other sites on the web dealing with Open Text Web Solutions!

UK WCM Community site launched

Open Text UK have opened a revamped, improved community site

Australian OpenText Web Solutions User Day Brisbane 2009 – Part 1

On Monday 25th May Morgan Ritchings attended the Brisbane RedDot or should that be OpenText Web Solutions User Group meeting. There was a good mix of partners, customers, freelancers.

Melbourne – Open Text Web Solutions User Group Meeting June 2009

The Areeba gang of RedDot CMS developers (Markus Giesen and his fellow nerd Kim Dezen) will be there. Are you a australian based RedDot Partner / developer / freelancer? Or an australian based Open Text partner? Will you be there? I am looking forward to catch up with you!

CMS Vendor Meme

CMS Vendor Meme – Many moons ago now (26th February 2009), Kas Thomas – an analyst at CMS Watch – wrote an article “A reality checklist for vendors”. A month later (17th March 2009), Day – a CMS vendor – responded with “Introducing the ‘CMS Vendor Meme’” – scoring themselves against Kas’ criteria and challenging other CMS vendors to do the same. Open Text responded (”Open Text on the CMS Vendor Meme”) on the 20th March 2009. What seemed to be missing, however, is some client and developer feedback on specific CMS vendor responses.

Open Text Content Day UK 2009 Review

Open Text Content Day UK 2009 Review – The day was broken up into the initial keynote address(es) followed by six breakout sessions with choices from across eight tracks, interspersed with refreshments and lunch. To let you know where I am coming from, I am a Web Solutions Management Server developer – pretty much the coal face (development wise) of only one of a plethora of Open Text products. Consequently, I did not have high expectations for the day – I did not expect anything technical from the keynotes and out of 47 sessions, I think I had only managed to identify two that appeared Web Solutions Management Server specific.

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  • The RedDot usergroup session 'Future of WCM' is in National Harbor 7, now. See you there! #otcw 2010-11-11
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