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How to show CMS authors the page status

Use this code snippet below to include the status of pages inside the CMS pages and/or content blocks. It shows the CMS user straight away if the page has been released or is waiting for release. A huge time saver.

3 Quick tips for OpenText Web Content Management or RedDot CMS

Three simple tricks & tips for authors and site builder of the OpenText Web Content Management system

How to incorporate SEO best practises within RedDot CMS projects

Implementing SEO best practises within your CMS projects will help your site to gain exposure by enabling search engine web crawlers to effectively explore and index site pages. Unfortunately there isn’t any fancy plugins or in-built functionality within RedDot that will automatically optimise your site. But don’t worry, making your site ‘SEO Friendly’ is relatively straight forward and easy to do!

How to remove the embedded OpenText comment/header from html content

How to obscure your cms version info on published html, for increased security(obscurity) and cleaner code!

Solution Exchange – Open Text RedDot CMS is back with a social community exchange platform

Over the last few months I was part of a secret Open Text CMS Community mission. This is the outcome based on the works of Danny Baggs and many others.

Two free RedDot CMS plugins – CMS User Chat & Batch Publish

Wow, today we can present you two new and neat RedDot CMS plugins created by Henry Lu aka Javahand. And the best of it – They are free for you to download! Open Lounge™ is a collaborative chat for your editors while the Batch Publisher™ helps your users managing the publication. Check it out!

Element naming conventions for RedDot CMS

This article covers basic rules on how to name elements when creating RedDot CMS templates. By using a common set of element names you will save time and avoid making templating mistakes when working within a collaborative team of RedDot developers.

5 Template Tips – How to use HTML and CSS within RedDot CMS – Best practice for RedDot Consultants

This article covers the key factors for successful CSS and HTML integration into your Open Text Content Management Server project. This best practice article outlines the major points to pay attention to when implementing your HTML into the CMS.

RedDot CMS Consultant & LiveServer Consultants for Open Text Products

RedDot CMS consultant work can often be done remotely and doesn’t necessarily require onsite work during a project cycle. A project can be set up and tested locally and then being imported to your UAT environment. Why not adding your RFP here or add your profile as RedDot CMS expert

Merry Christmas 2009 – Some RedDot Love: Successful RedDot CMS Integration at Longwood University? Worth a fanboy video!

With the right RedDot CMS Partner or the right RedDot integration Team for your implementation this video is pretty close to what could happen to you when you migrate your CMS project with RedDot CMS.

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