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RedDot CMS Render Tags – The Ultimate List

On this page we will collect all documented and undocumented RedDot CMS RenderTags.
The idea is, that if you have a RenderTag you’d like to add, just post it as comment with a quick description of what it does and what…

Duplicate content publishing – SEO and Open Text Web Solutions

Avoid duplicate content by publishing content twice and trick the PageBuilder by pretending to have referenced pages instead of linked ones.

Render Tags – An Overview

Render tags can be used in many different ways. By using them one not only is able to read content from several places in the project you also can change and manipulate page rendering and use the render tag technology for your control structures.

Adopt Content in Clipboard — help moving content around

Have you ever come across a feature in RedDot that has been there forever, but you’d never used it before? Then you “discover” it and think, “if only I’d known about this earlier, it would have saved so much time…” This is one of those. We discovered the Adopt Content in Clipboard action menu item. Nothing groundbreaking — you may already be using Adopt Content in Clipboard on a regular basis. And it doesn’t make the process completely painless, but it is much faster than copying the content manually.

RedDot CMS at the moment not compatible with Internet Explorer 8?

As Henry Lu has pointed it out on the google groups

I’ve been using IE 8 to access RedDot CMS 7.5 and RedDot CMS 9. Why?
Just for the heck of it.
It is pretty much a death sentence when using IE 8…

Restarting RedDot CMS services without rebooting – Part II

As I love improving good ideas like the one to create a batch file for restarting the RedDot CMS server without rebooting it, which Fred had the other day here comes my enhancement. I talked to Kim Dezen about enhancing that solution…

Itsy bitsy RedDot CMS Reload Hint

Sitting next to Max, a clients RedDot CMS webmaster, I saw him changing something inside the RedDot SmartTree and after that (inside another browser window with a second session) reloading the page by hitting F5 inside the SmartEdit. And he…

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