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Two free RedDot CMS plugins – CMS User Chat & Batch Publish

Wow, today we can present you two new and neat RedDot CMS plugins created by Henry Lu aka Javahand. And the best of it – They are free for you to download! Open Lounge™ is a collaborative chat for your editors while the Batch Publisher™ helps your users managing the publication. Check it out!

Plugin: Transfer Filenames

Although the CMS already includes a function to transfer the filenames of a language variant to all languages, this plugin – quite similar to the “Transfer RedDot Descriptions” plugin released yesterday – takes you a step further: All filenames are exported to an XML file which then can be translated to any other language before importing them back into the CMS.

Plugin: Transfer RedDot Descriptions

You might know the problem: You carefully edited all RedDot description texts (showing up as tooltips) in all of your templates but your client uses a different interface language for his CMS user … are all these hours of entering texts totally wasted? Fear not, my fellow CMS developer, with this plugin you can easily transfer RedDot descriptions into another language variant, either directly or translating them first.

RedDot CMS Plugin: Delete Unlinked Pages

Deleting mulltiple pages from a project can be very time consuming – and I tend to do it quite often! This plugin should save you a lot of time deleting pages (especially if the site has hundreds or even thousands of unwanted pages).

Plugin: Show template usage in child projects

A SmartTree enhancement for RedDot CMS allowing to check the assignment of every template of a content class within all connected projects.

RedDot CMS Plugin: Connect to Multiple Elements in Clipboard

It’s plugin time again folks!
This little script enables you to copy/connect multiple elements from one content class to another. It should save developers out there a considerable amount of time when you need to make changes to multiple templates within an existing project, or when you need to copy the elements from one template to another for use within a list.

Plugin: Reference Image

ReferenceImage is a small helper to reference one image instance to another one, which makes it ideal for image galleries: Editors have only to take care of the large image, the thumbnail (custom size) is created automatically.

Plugin: Add multiple instances

Stefan Buchali of SF eBusiness released a nice new plugin. “addMultipleInstances” is a user interface enhancement for RedDot CMS allowing to create and connect multiple instances of a content class at the same time. It’s ideal for creating slideshows, press releases…

Plug-in double pack: ClipboardDeleter and RSS: Who logged in?

Two new RedDot plug-ins have arrived: ClipboardDeleter allows you user to delete all selected pages in the clipboard, while RSS: Who logged in? returns an RSS feed on who logged in to a project and when.

Plugin: “Checkbox Assign Keywords”

Being my first post on this site, it’s only polite that I first introduce myself and let you know who I am and what I’m about!

My name is Kim Dezen and I currently head up RedDot CMS/LiveServer development at Areeba. Areeba is…

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