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5 Template Tips – How to use HTML and CSS within RedDot CMS – Best practice for RedDot Consultants

This article covers the key factors for successful CSS and HTML integration into your Open Text Content Management Server project. This best practice article outlines the major points to pay attention to when implementing your HTML into the CMS.

Editing draft pages by other users in SmartEdit

Your colleague is on holiday and forgot to release a press release you urgently need? You have to work on a text with multiple authors which shouldn’t get released or published by accident? Here is a simple trick to make it possible!

Plugin: Reference Image

ReferenceImage is a small helper to reference one image instance to another one, which makes it ideal for image galleries: Editors have only to take care of the large image, the thumbnail (custom size) is created automatically.

RedDot CMS Plugin: Checkbox or radio button editing

Last week I’ve been to the RedDot Days 08 in Frankfurt. I met Stefan Buchali from the RedDot Premium Partner stoll & fischbach eBusiness. He introduced me to this nice plugin he wrote.

Selecting pre-defined options for your content

Selecting pre-defined options for your content

It looks very…

SmartEdit and Javascript

If you have Javascript in your website, and have implemented your Javascript files as templates in RedDot CMS (version 7.5), linked in to your HTML page via an anchor placeholder, you will most likely have come across this issue –…

Using Flash inside Reddot successfully

When it comes to successfully implimenting complex Flash (1) inside a Reddot project you’ve two approaches. Either you carefully explain to the client that you may not get to see it working inside smartEdit, or you get the Flash developer to…

Playing Peek-a-Boo: Hiding pages with the Navigation Manager

There might be several reasons for hiding pages in the navigation structure, but they have to be connected to the navigation list, to show the website’s navigation correctly:

  • „Footer pages“ like „Imprint“ or „Terms of use“
  • Pages for login, error handling (e.g.…

RedDot UI: DragSort

Sorting of Lists and Containers in RedDot can be very time consuming and is not handled very user-friendly, especially with lots of elements. This UI Extension allows easy and intuitive drag&drop-sorting in SmartEdit.

RedDot UI: Report

edDot UI: Report is an user interface enhancement for RedDot CMS, which allows problem reporting by editors in SmartEdit view. Additionally, the report is complemented by essential information (user information, project, page id, langauge variant, template name, etc.) for easier bug tracking by developers or helpdesk personnel.

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