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How to show CMS authors the page status

Use this code snippet below to include the status of pages inside the CMS pages and/or content blocks. It shows the CMS user straight away if the page has been released or is waiting for release. A huge time saver.

RedDot CMS Render Tags – The Ultimate List

On this page we will collect all documented and undocumented RedDot CMS RenderTags.
The idea is, that if you have a RenderTag you’d like to add, just post it as comment with a quick description of what it does and what…

How to convert OpenText CMS date values

There are several ways of converting a RedDot CMS date into a readable format.
Kim has previously posted solutions for VB here. So here is another collection of solutions, based on comments in several programming languages like RQL, VB.NET, Javascript, PHP and…

1 Quick RedDot CMS SmartTree Preview Trick

Shift + Click on Preview Page only shows the current CMS “Page” in OpenText Web Content Management’s SmartTree

Render Tag CheatSheet – #1 Basics

This series will give those RedDot developers who have never worked with Render Tags before a introduction on how to use the Open Text Web Solutions Management Server Render Tags.

ASPX PostBacks in CMS

ASPX postbacks don’t work inside the CMS in either SmartEdit or Preview Mode, AND worse, including a ScriptManager control in your page breaks CMS 10’s UI.

Debugging PreExecute ASP – Reloaded

Debugging ASP in Open Text Websolutions is tricky if you don’t know how to trick it. Gavin Cope already has created a nice solution for this now this has been again slightly improved.

Breadcrumb Navigation With Render Tags

For taming the beast that Open Text so frankly called ‘Web Solutions Management Server’ we have some pretty nice tools available since version 7.5 – Render Tags are a quick and sufficient option to create navigation elements like the breadcrumb navigation shown here.

Accessing the Windows Integrated login system from RQL

Configuring SSO to work from a stand-alone RQL application, i.e. not a CMS embedded plug-in.

Editing draft pages by other users in SmartEdit

Your colleague is on holiday and forgot to release a press release you urgently need? You have to work on a text with multiple authors which shouldn’t get released or published by accident? Here is a simple trick to make it possible!

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